How much does a DRINKSTATION cost?

Prices vary based on the filtration system selected: either the Absolute Purifier or the Actifilter ( a Multi-Stage Filtration). In addition, prices may differ based on the intended use and the amount of tap water that must be processed and cleaned every day. Is DRINKSTATION intended for residential or a busy corporate lounge? Maybe you need a commercial version for a busy restaurant, for banquets and catering? How many persons should the system serve every day? Less than 10? Less than 100? More than 500? Please click on the ‘PURCHASE’ tab above in order to get a quotation for the model and the version you need.

Which plans do you offer for acquiring a unit?

When we have a distributor in your
area, we refer your request to them. If you buy directly from us instead, we offer the
following three alternative solutions:

1. Purchase: when purchased, DRINKSTATION ships anywhere in the United States and
2. Month-to-Month Rent: Pay monthly for your unit. There is no contract or
commitment. Available only for businesses located in California and Greater New York.
Not available for homes.
3. Lease-to-Buy: Depending on your credit score, you may have the option to lease your
unit for three or five years. At the end of the lease, you may purchase your machine for
one dollar instead of returning it. We set your lease plan so that the residual value of
the unit is close to null at the end of the lease period: it is a “fully amortized plan” so
that you can own the unit at the end of the lease.

How soon can I have my DRINKSTATION?

Demand for DRINKSTATION normally surpasses our manufacturing capability. We don't keep units in stock and, therefore, each DRINKSTATION is made-to-order and shipped out to customers right at the end of our production line. Conclusion: if you want a DRINKSTATION you need to book it right now. Fill out our purchase form or call our office at 310-530-3839 immediately to book one for your home, office or busy restaurant!

Where are DRINKSTATION units sold?

DRINKSTATION is currently present in the kitchens and lounges of the most advanced technology companies in the world, the best restaurants and a growing number of private residences. Click on the ‘REQUEST A DRINKSTATION' tab here above. We ship anywhere inside the United States and Canada. In addition, we have just activated a second factory to account for a growing demand from international importers and clients.

How many DRINKSTATION models are offered?

DRINKSTATION is a professional sparkling and alkaline water system of commercial grade. We offer one single appliance equipped with an Actifilter. In additon, customers can opt for our Absolute Purification system, which has five steps of purification and includes a reverse osmosis system, while our standard Actifilter has three steps of purification. Our Actifilter is standard, while the Absolute Purifier is available upon request and is considered an add-on. To learn more about the technical characteristics of our two filtration alternative options, click on the 'TECHNOLOGY' tab above. In addition, we offer three (3) different versions that differ on performance, not appearance: depending on where your water machine will be located (home, office, or restaurant), its refrigeration and water dispensing capability will be tailored to your specific application. In other terms: if the DRINKSTATION serves drinking water in a high-volume restaurant its performance is going to be different with respect to the version intended for home use.

What is your return policy?

For purchases or leases, you can return your appliance
within 30 days of your purchase. For rentals, you may return your machine at anytime
without penalties or fees. We have no binding rental contracts.


Where can I get the CO2 tank to carbonate water?

Although we can sell you a new CO2 tank at the time of installation, we recommend renting a 20lb or a 10lb tank from any local independent beverage suppliers. At the time of installation, we will help you to connect to a local CO2 provider in your area. For example, a 20lb CO2 tank is good for over 1,600 bottles of sparkling water produced by your DRINKSTATION and generally costs between $30 to $50. In conclusion, after installing the water system, each (28 fl. oz.) bottle of sparkling water produced by your DRINKSTATION will cost you about 2 cents in CO2: definitely much less than one bottle of San Pellegrino or Perrier purchased at a local store!

How often should I change my filters?

Your filters' life span is dependent on your water consumption and the quality of the tap water in your area. The unit is set up to inform you when the filter needs to be changed. When the green LED light starts blinking on your appliance, it is time to change your filters.

Do you offer maintenance, on-site repairs, and filter changes?

Yes, but only in California and in the Greater New York Area. In other areas of the Country, we have our distributors and third party technicians providing these services upon request. However, any skilled handyman can easily change filters and maintain the equipment. You will receive written instructions at the moment of installation.


How does DRINKSTATION work?

The appliance must be connected to your water line. The water is first purified through our special filtration system and then it is either instantly chilled, carbonated, heated, or mineralized to become alkaline. We offer two alternative filtration systems: the “Absolute Purifier” or the simple “Multi-Stage Nano-filtration”. To learn more about the two types of filters offered, click on the TECHNOLOGY tab.

Is there a limit to how much water dispenses from the machine?

NO. You can get an unlimited quantity! With DRINKSTATION you can dispense water at a flow rate of up to 1 gallon/minute. For example, you can get 1 gallon of sparkling water in
approximately one minute. Imagine: every minute, one gallon of pure drinking water
(sparkling, cold, alkaline). It produces 8 gallon/hour of extremely chilled water at or
below 40F. It also contains an internal boiler with 1 liter of hot water always at your
disposal for your tea preparation. DRINKSTATION is a professional system that was
initially designed for high volume restaurants, for banquets and in general for
commercial applications in the food service industry. In the past couple of years, due its
extreme versatility and sleek design, it has found its way to all High-Tech companies in
Silicon Valley and to many kitchens of private residences of celebrities and happy people
living in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

How is the water chilled and carbonated?

The water is instantaneously chilled when it is dispensed. This appliance is equipped with a patented smart, efficient and compact refrigerator so that your drinking water does not sit anywhere inside the appliance before being dispensed. The same happens with the sparkling water: unlike other water machines in the market (all of which have potentially unhealthy containers where carbonated water is stored inside before it is dispensed), our machine generates carbonated water in a fraction of a second, just the instant you touch the button to pour it into your glass. This methodology that generates highly carbonated soda water at the simple touch of a button is also unique to our machine and is covered by international patents.

How is the alkaline water created?

By a mineralization process, like nature intended. We avoid the electrical separation of ions of the incoming water (i.e.: the electrolysis typical of Kangen) because it might, under certain circumstances, create potentially carcinogens substances. Your DRINKSTATION contains an alkaline chamber where your drinking water, after being filtered stripped off of all possible contaminants (by our Absolute Purification process), absorbs healthy minerals (potassium, magnesium and calcium) and forms electrolytes before it is dispensed. To learn more, click on the 'TECHNOLOGY' tab here above.

What is the pH level of the alkaline water?

If you have acquired the Absolute Purifier model, we set the alkaline chamber at a pH of 8.5. Should you desire a different level of pH, we can customize it for you at the time of manufacturing it. For the Nano-filtration model instead, since the pH level is affected by the TDS level present in your tap water, the pH cannot be pre-set at factory level: it will depend on your area.

How hot is the hot water?

We set the temperature at around 185F unless you ask us to customize your unit for you at a different temperature.

How is the water carbonated?

By instantaneously mixing your drinking water with the carbon dioxide (CO2) contained in a CO2 cylinder.

How much power does the appliance consume?

900 watts max when both the refrigeration system and the hot boiler are both working at the same time. However, this is a rare event unless the unit is used in a high-volume restaurant during pick-time. The appliance is also equipped with an energy saving system and goes automatically into sleep mode if not used.


Is it suitable for high volume restaurants?

Yes. The restaurant version of DRINKSTATION fills a bottle in 12 seconds. It has a flow rate of 2.5 oz. per second. It generates 20+ gallons of chilled and sparkling water per hour. One unit can easily serve tables for several hundreds of customers. Due to our patented technology, although the supply of sparkling water is extremely high, it has the smallest footprint in the whole industry, because its carbonator is so tiny that its size is comparable to a table-tennis ball, while other restaurant water units have carbonators larger than a soccer ball.

How do I install my DRINKSTATION?

In California and the Greater New York Area, we offer our own technicians that install your machine. Outside of those locations, we have a list of recommended technicians that can help you. Please call our tech support number at the bottom of the page for more information.

What is required to install a unit?

For our Absolute Purification Model, you need access to a water line (better if the appliance is going to be located within 10 feet from a water line) and two standard 110V electrical outlets. You also need a drain for the Reverse Osmosis. For our Nano-Filtration Model, you need access to a water line and one standard 110V electrical outlet. Both models require a CO2 tank. The CO2 tank and the filters are normally placed underneath your sink, inside a cabinet, under a countertop, or inside the pedestal/stand in stainless steel that is sold separately.

How much space does the appliance occupy?

The unit can be placed on any countertop or table. You can also place the machine on a 33 inch tall, self-standing stainless steel cabinet that is sold separately. To see the exact dimensions and weight of the water machine, simply download the PRODUCT SPECS document at the bottom of each web page.

Can I put the appliance inside a cabinet?

Unless there is an artificial ventilation system created through proper grids placed below and above the cabinet by professional technicians who are knowledgeable about how refrigeration systems work, do not put your machine inside of any enclosed spaces. If you must, call our Technical Support for a customized DRINKSTATION with extra ventilation system.

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